In love with what we do

We excel in innovation and the high quality of our products. We value above all the welfare of all employees. We seek to satisfy the needs of our customers, always guaranteeing the highest quality.



All our socks are produced using high-tech machines and equipment (3D articles), using needles differing from the number 96, 144, 156, 168, 176, 200. Our socks are customized with Classic Link seam.


We offer machines to shape the different types of socks that we integrate into our range of products. Through a partially automated process, the socks are introduced into their mold through a high temperature heating system. This process allows the products to be finalized with perfection, in a fast way.


In our production process of socks, we have included the packaging for small and large-scale delivery. We implement a packaging system that guarantees the perfect packaging and protection of the products, respecting the quality standards defined in the sector. We guarantee, therefore, that the goods will be delivered in perfect conditions at the final destination.


We have implemented a quality system in order to guarantee the total satisfaction of our customers.


We create and develop products that respond to various market needs, through the most innovative technologies.


We combine an ethical conduct with the well-being of all employees, seeking to meet their needs.